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Kersting Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary practice offering everything from routine care, grooning and boarding to hospitalization, outpatient treatment and surgery services. We are always available to discuss the details of any package or procedure. An itemized estimates is avalable on request and is tailored to each individual patient. 

Wellness Exams

Our yearly wellness exams are thorough and involve a half hour appointment. Starting at age 7 we recommend twice a year physical examinations. We recommend the first year to consider baseline blood-work and urinalysis. The second year we recommend baseline blood pressure, electrocardiogram and chest radiographs. Starting the third year we recommend to repeat the program. Each owner is encouraged to choose their own level of preventative care for their pet. 


Spay & Neuter

We provide Valium, Propofol and Sevoflurane for anesthesia. This is considered the safest anesthesia protocol available. There is continuous monitoring during surgical procedures by a veterinary technician for temperature, blood pressure, ECG, blood oxygen, respiraton rate, and cardiac rate.


Emergency Care

We offer a 24-hour consultation service to our exisitng dog and cat clients. Our doctors are just a phone call away after hours!



All standard vaccinations to keep your pet healthy are available at our clinic. We offer 3 year Rabies, 4 year Canine and Feline Distemper and 2 year Feline Leukemia vaccines. We also carry Lyme Disease vaccine. We are currently recommending and requiring Canine Influenza Vaccine.


Soft tissue surgery, abdominal exploratory surgery, bladder surgery, mass removals, biopsies and some orthopedic procedures are offered at our clinic. Because of our transparent procedure policy, you can even watch your pet's procedure through our viewing window if you wish!


We offer the Avid FriendChip and the NanoChip (a very small chip for exotics). We recommend all pets be microchipped so owners and pets can be reunited in the event of escape, theft or natural disaster. 


Dental Care

Keeping your pet's teeth clean is very important to their overall health. Kersting Veterinary clinic offers full-service denitstry, including teeth cleanings, Dental radiographs, tooth extractions, oral surgery, and a wide array of products to keep your pet's teeth clean and sparkling at home. We refer to our Board Certified Dentist in St Louis for crowns. root canals and advanced orthodontics. 



We have the capability to perform a wide array of radiographic studies, from plain film x-rays to contrast studies. We use two digital, high resolution computer generated systems. Our dog and cat radiographs are reviewed on a monthly basis by a Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist. 


Give your pet a vacation while you're on vacation! Kersting Veterinary Clinic offers full-service boarding for dogs, cats, birds and small mammals. At Camp Kersting, all dogs are walked 4 times daily, and you have the option of offering a special "Yappy Hour" treat to make their visit even more special. Plus, you have the added peace of mind that a veterinarian is either on the premises or a phone call away if any problems arise. 


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