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Our Philosophy

At Kersting Veterinary Clinic, Pets Are Special

We want you to feel comfortable with our staff and procedures.

Dr. Kersting adopted a unique Open Hospital philosophy when he and his wife opened Kersting Veterinary Hospital in 1992. He wanted his clients and patients to feel as at home as possible, even when they are sick or injured. Because of this philosophy, our clinic is 100% transparent in our hospital and procedure policies. That means you can be with your pet during all procedures. You are allowed to be with your pet and observe our staff, from trimming nails to drawing blood, even for radiographs and surgeries! Stay all day with your sick or injured family member or come and go as you please during office hours. You are also able to visit on Saturday nights, Sunday mornings and afternoons. We believe our own pets do so much better when we are around to love and support them.


We feel this transparency develops a level of trust and understanding not found at other hospitals. We invite you to come in, ask questions, and feel comfortable that your pet is receiving the higest level of care we are able to provide. 

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