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Melissa Ferry, 


I knew from a very young age that I wanted to become a veterinarian.  From spending weekends visiting my grandfather’s dairy farm, to volunteering with animal rescue groups in college, working with animals has always been my goal, for as long as I can remember.  Being a veterinarian also gives me the unique ability of helping people, as I help their pets, which makes my job even better.

I grew up near Buffalo, NY and went to college at Allegheny College, in western PA.  After college, I moved to Columbus, OH where I attended The Ohio State University, working toward a Master’s in Public Health with a specialization in Veterinary Public Health (MPH-VPH).  In 2012, I obtained by DVM from The Ohio State University and did a one year internship in Avian and Exotic Medicine.  I remained with that clinic for five years, working closely with an avian/exotics specialist, helping to build the practice and continue learning valuable skills.  I enjoyed lecturing to veterinary students, veterinary technicians and referring veterinarians about avian/exotic medicine as well as teaching the staff and new doctors about the basics of these types of animals.  During that time, I also worked in emergency medicine and have continued to do so up until the current day.

In 2018, I moved to St. Louis and began asking around about the “bird vet in town”.  Dr. Kersting was referred to me by several veterinarians who knew him as a great avian veterinarian – and the rest is history!  While I continue to work in emergency medicine, my passion lies in avian/exotic medicine and helping clients to better understand and care for these special types of pets.  The best part of my job is being able to help people as well as animals.

In my free time, I play the clarinet, go hiking/camping and am learning Korean due to my love of the Korean group BTS – I might be the biggest fan in all of Missouri!  I also have one dog (a pitbull named BB) and three cats (Mona, Momma Peggy and Inky Dinky Doo) that keep me quite busy!  

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